A Guided Personal Action Plan

and Peer 2 Peer Funding for Your Life Goals!

A Guided Personal Action Plan

and Peer 2 Peer Funding for Your Life Goals!

Starting a Business

Everything from how to register your business to developing your business plan and connecting you to resources along the way to ensure you are in the 10% of businesses that DO succeed! Make sure you start your business on the right foot with us at Life.Cafe.

Buying a House

Whether you are a first time buyer or looking to buy as an investment property, Life.Cafe's expert guided steps adjust to you and make it as stress free as possible. Saving you time and money while finding your dream home!

Getting Married

Congratulations! You're engaged and now everyone is asking you "when's the wedding?" Do not fear Life.Cafe is here ;-) Helping couples from any culture, religion, and lifestyle create their own personalized wedding plan for FREE!

Planning a Trip

Romantic getaways, natural retreats, wild adventures, or city hopping... Life.Cafe will learn your travel preferences and help you from the very start finding the perfect vacay to the most practical help along the way, and tips on how to avoid any bumps along the way. Trips of a life time start with great planning using Life.Cafe!


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We are a guided social action plan with peer funding of your life goals. We are also the first all-in-one, culturally, and economically diverse platform to visualize, plan, and achieve those goals worldwide.

As a real-time action plan, Life.Cafe scales to who you are and connects you to expert advice, professionals and resources when you need it.

Imagine not going to a host of different sites just to accomplish one thing. With Life.Cafe you can stay on one platform to plan and achieve all your life goals.

And, it's all free! That's right, free. An open platform that can be used in any language to help you plan life's next journey. It's safe, private and still social when you want it to be.


Answer a few simple starting questions, Get your very own action plan with timeline, Get connected to resources and vendors to help you achieve your goals

A Couple of Questions

Answer a couple of questions to let us get to know you and start to learn the things you like.

Guided Action Plan

Get your guided action plan providing expert advice and the exact resources for you.

Peer 2 Peer Funding

Optionaly pay a simple monthly fee to get your goals funded by your peers!

Share with Friends

Include your friends and family in your process to get their advice, opinions and recommendations.

Awesome Features

Check out some of the great features that make us unique and invaluable to you!


Quick and easy way to take notes and share with your family and friends who can write their feedback to help you as you plan your life goals.


Upload images from any of your devices to keep all your inspiration and favorites all in one place for each life goal you are working on.


Saves you time by connecting your preferences with the vendors with whom you want to work! Just click and we connect you with their information and they receive information about your life goal and which step you are looking for help to complete.


One console where you can see everything you are working on for each of your life goals and even edit in real time as you go along! Life.Cafe puts you in the driver's seat giving you control of your needs and updates along the way.


Don't want everyone to see everything as you plan your life goals? We've got that covered too! You can pick and choose what you choose to share and with whom.


Life.Cafe creates customized step-by-step action plan with expert guided steps to help you set out on the right step to successfully achieve your goals.


Real life use cases for what Life.Cafe offers!

APP Screenshots

Just a little teaser and glimpse into what you'll see!


The creators and founders of Life Cafe. Passionate about helping people and changing the world!

Alexis Williamson


15+ years experience as an entrepreneur; International Designer Rep; Founder, National "pop-ups" & retail stores; Financial Rep (Northwestern Mutual); Art History (Art Institute of Chicago); Digital Photography (Columbia College); BA Economics & French (Lake Forest College); Olympic Level Senior International Ice Dancer

David Snelling


30+ years experience as an entrepreneur, architect, engineer, researcher and mentor; Extensive experience in massively scaled distributed and decentralized systems including; Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and predictive analytics; Director of Architecture (Disney); Founder/CTO (Blab, Realitybridge); VP Technology of AdReady; Principal Research Architect (Microsoft); Advisor (Donorschoose, Computer Associates)

Rren Schafer


Serial Entrepreneur, balancing design and analytics; Brand embodiment specialist; 10+ years Creative Director & Producer; Founder - Revel Design Studio; Founder - Mind & Body Reiki

Anny Havland

Host of Talk it up TV & Co-founder of Neighborhood Mortgage

“Sometimes connecting the dots isn’t easy, especially when there isn’t a map to go by. This is why I love Life.Cafe’s platform.”

Bruno Gralpois

Author of "Success Freak"

“A wonderful tool for everyone to achieve success in all their efforts.”


Elite Events Seattle

“This is going to change the way people plan their lives! A free platform for users and vendors to connect.”


The best of the best. Our advisors are just as excited to change the world as we are!

Gillian Muessig

Startup Whisperer, Product Visionary

CEO Outlines Venture Group; Co-founder, of Moz.com; Co-founder, BrettApproved; Entrepreneur activist & champion; 25+ years CEO Coach & Mentor; Global Keynote Speaker

Jun Ueki

CEO/Managing Partner Keiretsu Forum Japan

Independent international private investor (Japan, Hong Kong, U.S.); > 28 years international investment & entrepreneurial experience. Specializes in negotiation of International distribution & licensing rights to Asia; Malidan Capital Group & Frontier Performance Fund I LLC.

Cesar Bocanegra

COO of Donorschoose.org

20+ Years in Operations & Finance; Specialties: Operations & Scalability; 11 years with AT&T Sales & Finance; Passion for education; National President of HISPA; Engineering degrees from Caltech & MIT; MBA in Strategic Management from the Wharton School of Business.

Anny Havland

TV Host & Personality

Charity Non-Profit Advisor, TV Host & Personality. Winner: Humanitarian of the Year Award, 2017. Co-founder, Neighborhood Mortgage Served a board member to numerous boards including Whatcom Women in Business.


No, that's kinda old school. You just go to the website, after we've launched of course, and login. Life.Cafe is a Progressive Web App and will give you the option on your next visit to add an easy access icon on your device so it acts like an app

Wow, that's a tall order! It's a goal of Life.Cafe of course to help you eventually on everything you need to plan for in life, however we want to make sure we do it right. We are working around the clock with the best experts and research teams to be truly the best resource for you on each life goal. We are starting with 5 life events to get you started. After we launch we'd love to hear what you need help on in your life next!

  • Starting a business
  • Buying a home
  • Organizing your home
  • Planning your Wedding
  • Planning a Trip

After we launch we will be listening to our user's needs and requests to guide the next group of events we will be launching. We already have 10 events in process, awaiting our quality control and research stamp of approval. We are dedicating our lives at Life.Cafe to help your life goals and will be constantly adding new life goals for you.

Searching for expert advice is very different than Life.Cafe having experts guide you and asking the right questions at the right time to be sure you are set out on the best path and connecting the most relevant resources to help you accomplish your goals in life. Search is overwhelming with so much content and resources competing for your attention that are motivated for their own interests to advertise to you online, with out often knowing enough about your true needs or preferences. Life.Cafe's commitment to connecting you to the right resources at the right time with your personalized action plan, puts YOU and your goals first. Life.Cafe is a transparent, dynamic, and trusted way to plan your life.

No, Life.Cafe will work for you anywhere on the planet! We built it to be global from day one so you can dream big! (Mars... coming soon;-)

Right on, let's do this together! Help Life.Cafe succeed in a variety of ways:

  • Let us know what events you'd like to see added to our list to launch
  • Connect us to your communities resources and experts
  • If you are and industry expert, we'd love to connect with you too!
  • If you are an angel investor, reach out to help us help the world together
  • Join our social communities on Facebook and IG and show your support:-) Power in numbers is real especially for a start up! Invite your family & friends to follow us and spread the word!

Coming Soon!

Go ahead and hold your breath, we are only moments away! Life.cafe is coming very soon, worldwide!

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